Can I Take A Picture of That?

As I mentioned in the previous post, I enjoy woodworking.  The consequence can sometimes be a wood screw in a tire.  Well, I noticed one of the Michelins was low this past weekend, took a look and sure enough.  A very well worn phillips head was looking back at me from the center of the tire.

No problem.  I figured I’d swing by the tire store where I bought them, work on my ‘do-list’ while they worked on the tire, and catch up on a few favorite podcasts.
It wasn’t long before I had the legal pad filled with projects and a young man named Earl came in to the waiting room…”Kelly?”  “Yes, that’s me.”  “Sir, your vehicle is all set.  We pulled the screw out, plugged that hole, and then rotated your tires.  Your vehicle is running and ready to go.”

As I took the papers, he asked me, “Do you mind if I use my phone to take a picture of that paper taped to your dash?”

“Sure, go ahead,” I told him.  He dashed outside, ran around the front of our yellow Ad-America Xterra, leaned in over the driver seat and snapped his picture.  As I walked up to the truck, he said, “It turned out great!  Thank you!”

“Well, Earl” I said, “Good luck and good success!”  He smiled and we shook hands again.  As I climbed in to the truck to head back to the office, I looked down at that piece of paper to remind myself of what I needed to work on.

What message was so important a tire mechanic would want to capture it on his cell phone camera?

“The successful person has developed the habitof doing things failures don’t like to do.”

I suspect Earl will be branching out.


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