Who Are These Kids and Why Are They Calling Me Mom?

Who Are These Kids?

Ever go camping with the neighbors?  You’re not alone.  Last week we got a call from a lady that wanted some t-shirts for camping.  Well, we print a number of t-shirts for summer camps, but what was this camping thing?  Turns out a bunch of neighbors go camping together, and the moms kind of become the moms to all the kids.  Hilary would be proud.  I guess the running joke among the moms was “Who are all these kids and why are they calling me mom?”  They wanted a design that would fit in with the kids and the moms.  Judging by the finished artwork, the moms kick back a little too.  Bet it’s a fun neighborhood!

Shirt: Gildan Ladies Cut T-shirt  Shirt Color:  Candy Pink  Ink:  White

By the way, if you’d like to pick up one of our latest apparel catalogs, feel free to swing by Ad-America’s offices at 2215 29th St. SE, Suite B-7, Grand Rapids, MI anytime M-F 8:30AM – 5:30PM EST.

If you want to try your hand at designing your own t-shirts, check out our apparel design studio at Ad-America.com, then click on the “Design It Here” button on the left side.


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