Yes! This Is The Before Picture!

Award Plaque jade glass on black base on light table Ad-America

Some snow plow drivers are getting together for a little fun competition. And, they wanted a memento for one of the drivers.  This is a 6″ x 8″ jade glass we’ll sand etch for the lucky driver.  It’s beveled on all sides, resting in a black wooden base. Yes, the base does kind of look like asphalt.  You would almost think we planned it that way.  Now, we’re getting ready to do some mock-ups on the glass.  Yes, we literally design the layout, print it out in color, then tape it to the back of the glass, photograph it, then email that photo to the client for approval.  It’s funny how we can mimic the clear jade color of glass in the mock up.  We do all the graphics in white so when it’s printed out, it looks very close to an etched piece of glass.  (Hey, tape the mock up to the back of the glass and take a photo, and it pretty much looks like it’s already done!)  If only the actual etching were that easy.


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