One Color Finesse On Family ReUnion Shirt


This family reunion t-shirt combined a number of elements that made it popular.  For one, the family tree in the design originated as a pencil drawing from one of the family elders.  We took the drawing, as well as an old photograph from each family, scanned them, and then made them the focal point of the design.  You’ll see how well the  screen printing captured many of the details in the photos and tree.  We also added names of family members that would be at the reunion, and a family crest that was printed on the sleeve.   The old photos and names encouraged family members to ask about their roots and bring each other up to date on what was happening in their lives.

The ink color chosen was a dark brown on a natural color t-shirt.  This combination is reminiscent of old sepia toned photographs.  All this was done in just one color!  Wow!  What a bargain!  Family members were very happy, and this idea might spark one for your family!  If you need help with the details, just give us a call.


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