How Do We Use This On T-Shirts?

Image Carbide Tungsten Nozzle For Sandblasting

Actually, we don’t.  A number of our clients that need t-shirts, also require etching.  For example, a brewery will order t-shirts for their customers to purchase, as well as imprinted glassware.  As their customers join the brewery’s mug club, we’ll etch the name or nickname of the customer in to the glass beer mug.

We use a sandblaster that literally blasts the names into the glass with silica carbide.  You would think that a substance that is that abrasive would also wear down on the parts that carry the abrasive.  It does.  After a while, the hole in the nozzle gets bigger and bigger.  Then it’s time to order a new nozzle, which is what you see here.  What looks like a simple metal tube with a hole in it, is actually a carbide tungsten tube with a 3/32″ hole going down the center, and a ‘funnel’ opening (not shown) on the other end.  The funnel end of the tube goes in to the coupling.  The opposite end of the coupling will be attached to a plastic tube that carries high pressure air and the abrasive that etches the glasses that the brewer’s customers love!

But, maybe we should play around with it on t-shirts too!


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