FOX News Shows Marketing Savvy!


While FOX News reporter Kelly Wright was reporting on Whitney Houston, I couldn’t help but notice, and appreciate, that FOX News had their logo printed on the INSIDE of the umbrella so it reads right when viewed on TV. Of course, I would have suggested (and they may have done this) that they print the logo on one side on the outside, and then on the other side on the inside. Thus, it would work for different situations.

Ready For A Cruise?


This morning, I heard one of the Grand Rapids radio guys talking about heading to the airport. No doubt, going on another cruise! If you’re one of those lucky folks heading out of town for a “Cruise” or Spring Break, don’t forget to pack your favorite hoodie! They make great cover ups at the beach, and easy to zip up when you go in to a restaurant and don’t want to look to ‘beachy’. Companies like them too for employee uniforms. Even executives can wear them on the weekends! We can screen print your logo on the left chest and full back if you like. Embroidery is also an option. Hoodies come in different styles, colors, and fabric weights, which means, you’ll probably find one that fits your budget for your crew! (It’s snowing in Michigan right now. A cruise would be nice!) Oh, the poster? It’s currently on display in our Grand Rapids showroom.