One of Our Company Secrets

If you find yourself in Grand Rapids, Michigan and in need of t-shirts, or other promotional items, you could come face to face with this candy jar.  Do you have the will power to stare it down and not lift the lid?  I doubt it.  The other day, from my office, I could hear the glass lid lift off, and the rumble and crinkling of paper as someone searched for their favorite treat.

I walked out to the showroom and saw four grown men working on an order with Ingrid.  All were working over their sweet tooth as well.  Yep, each one of these guys looked…well…they looked like kids in a candy store.  And, I guess that’s the whole idea anyway.

Where Are Your Glasses?

Have you ever wasted time looking for your glasses?  Maybe sunglasses?  Do you have employees who are always misplacing their safety glasses?  We recently helped a utility company address some of these issues with a clip…a visor clip, that keeps a pair of glasses handy in the car or the work truck.  These eye glass visor clips also make a nice handout for the employees of your customers.  (At about 90 cents to $1.10 each, you won’t have to be too stingy about who you give them to!)  Of course, they’ll be printed with your logo or message.

Who Are These Kids and Why Are They Calling Me Mom?

Who Are These Kids?

Ever go camping with the neighbors?  You’re not alone.  Last week we got a call from a lady that wanted some t-shirts for camping.  Well, we print a number of t-shirts for summer camps, but what was this camping thing?  Turns out a bunch of neighbors go camping together, and the moms kind of become the moms to all the kids.  Hilary would be proud.  I guess the running joke among the moms was “Who are all these kids and why are they calling me mom?”  They wanted a design that would fit in with the kids and the moms.  Judging by the finished artwork, the moms kick back a little too.  Bet it’s a fun neighborhood!

Shirt: Gildan Ladies Cut T-shirt  Shirt Color:  Candy Pink  Ink:  White

By the way, if you’d like to pick up one of our latest apparel catalogs, feel free to swing by Ad-America’s offices at 2215 29th St. SE, Suite B-7, Grand Rapids, MI anytime M-F 8:30AM – 5:30PM EST.

If you want to try your hand at designing your own t-shirts, check out our apparel design studio at, then click on the “Design It Here” button on the left side.

Want To Design Your Own T-Shirts?

Have you ever found yourself with an idea for a t-shirt?  While you can always talk to our artist in our Grand Rapids office, sometimes I know, you’d just like to kick things around on your own computer.  (It could be 2 in the morning!)  For those times, check out our online design studio.  You can go to, and click on the Design It Here button on the left.

You can upload art, add text, move it around.  When you’ve got something you like, click on the “Request A Quote” tab.  Fill in your name and email address and any questions, then send it to us.  We’ll get an email of your artwork and can fill you in on your options.  Try it out!  (…and tell a friend too!)