You Got To Love Those Sailors!


Imagine how honored you would feel if your fellow sailors thought enough of you to present you with a memento like this!  This ‘award’ was presented to a Chief Petty Officer honoring his service in Aviation Ordnance.  Ad-America assembled the components of the award; the nameplates, unit patch, and screen printed the brass nameplate with the Chief’s name, and the Navy’s three anchors to the dummy bomb.  Congrats and kudos to Chief Garcia!

We Never Get Tired of This!

Deer Near Ad-America Loading Dock

Things have been pretty busy at Ad-America lately, so we were going to print some shirts throughout the afternoon and evening.  When I opened the door to one of our our loading docks out back, it was pretty apparent someone else thought it was dinner time too!  This is one of four deer that routinely can be seen around our office.  A 3-legged mother deer, two fawns and a third young one.  Not sure if the third deer is part of this ‘family’ of deer or not.